Insect Macro Photography by Bryan Maltais. MacroPhotoBug is a how to resource on all things super insect macro photography, and focuses on field photography of live insects. Super macro photography achieves beyond 1:1 magnification. Here you’ll find blog articles on the techniques to achieve super magnification including reversed lenses, extension tubes, and macro lens close up adapters. An interesting technique that I use to achieve extreme depth of field is macro focus stacking, where sometimes 100 or more perfectly aligned shots are taken of an insect and then stacked into a single image with supreme depth of field. You’ll also find resources about herping, and reptile and amphibian photography. Why? Because Macro Photography exposes a parallel universe that’s otherwise hidden.

Smaragdeidechse lacerta bilineata germany mouth open

Germany Herping: In search of the Emerald Lizard

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Auf Smaragdeidechsen Jagd My friend and fellow herper Markus Bühler told me about an rare population of Green Lizards that we should search for the next time I visit Germany. It’s an isolated population that was introduced in Wurmlingen, near the town of Tübingen. Markus is an accomplished amateur biologist…

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carrot tail chuckwalla phoenix arizona reptile photography

Arizona Herping: Carrot-tailed Chuckwallas in Phoenix

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While hiking in Phoenix’ South Mountain Park, I heard a terrified scream come from two jogger girls on the trail ahead. Normally girls scream at things that I love to photograph, so I ran up ahead, thinking perhaps it was a rattlesnake. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw…

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how to super macro photography magnification

How to Achieve Super Magnification for Insect Macro Photography

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Field Insect Super Macro Photography Methods There are many ways to achieve super macro magnification for insect field work, but many have prohibitive disadvantages. Some are costly such as Canon’s remarkable MP-E 65mm lens. Others require highly specialized gear like enlarger lenses. And some configurations are suited for studio photography…

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olympus om-d em-5 mk ii review

Olympus OM‑D E‑M5 II Review for Macro Photography

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I’ve recently switched from a full-frame DSLR to the $900 Olympus OM-D E‑M5 Mark II for field macro photography. The E-M5 II with the Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm macro lens is currently the best system for field macro photography, IMO, because no other camera can do what it does out of…

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