“I’m amazed that a parallel universe exists on our planet, and that the only vessel I need to explore it is a camera. It conceals far more species than we see around us with the naked eye. Ironically, it’s the tiny creatures that enable our big world to exist. Without their essential functions like pollinating plants, waste removal, and being a foundation of the food chain, most of Earth’s life would vanish.

When I was a freshman in college, a biology professor gave a slideshow of extremely close insect photos. My lens at home couldn’t do this and I desperately wanted to understand how he was able to get such close shots. That’s when I discovered the macro lens, and set out to photograph all the small creatures around me. My roots in photography began those 20 years ago with arthropods and herps. Then wanderlust brought me to Colorado where I became a landscape photographer, and drifted somewhat from my macro beginnings. This new website is a return to that, and I hope to share with you the techniques and tools I use as I discover and experiment with them.

I mostly like to shoot subjects on the spot in the field at greater than 1:1 magnification. I’m not above bringing fidgety subjects inside for a studio shoot that I’d otherwise miss. My equipment is ever-changing as I learn new ways of doing things. I give a lot of info about the gear and settings I used for each shot in my blog posts. I love macro photography because I think it’s the most complex and challenging type. I live in Ft. Collins, CO with a huge meadow behind my house that abuts the foothills. This is where I do most of my insect photography. I’m also into backpacking, vegetable gardening, and robbing convenience stores. While this website represents my inner nerd, you can check out my alter ego here.

Bryan Maltais

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