This gallery features insect macro photography at super macro magnification. This includes photos of all Arthropods; Insects, Spiders, Arachnids, and Centipedes/Millipedes. Super insect macro photography infers photography at very high magnifications greater than 1:1. While some of the macro photos in this gallery were taken with a regular macro lens, most were taken with various combinations of macro adapter filters, reverse-mounted wide angle lenses and extension tubes that achieve up to 4:1 magnification. What you see in these photos is the native magnification, in other words, no cropping was done to fill the frame. I do a mix of field and studio photography of live insects. I bring insects inside for a studio shoot when they simply won’t sit still in the field. Many of these photos are focus stacks, whereby several photos are taken at different planes of focus and merged with software to create a single image with extremely deep, in-focus depth of field. If I’m hand-holding my camera in the field, I’m lucky if I can achieve just a handful of well aligned stacked images, whereas mounted I usually stack between 20-100 images. I also shoot frequently with the Micro 4/3 system where a standard macro lens produces a native 2:1 magnification.